Call for Papers

Daughters of Chaos: Discipline, Practice, a Life                                                                                  8th Deleuze Studies International Conference                                                                         Stockholm Monday 29th June – Wednesday 1st July 2015


“Daughters of chaos” describes the filial role with which Deleuze and Guattari have anointed the disciplines of philosophy, science and art, suggesting that disciplinary formations and their respective practices enable us to make sense of the diverse cultural and natural phenomena of local environments in relation to collective global concerns. In the two decades that have passed since they made this statement, the implications of formations and practices on how we perceive and perform the relation between the local and the global have become increasingly acute in light of political, economic, and environmental concerns. The organizing committee of the 8th Deleuze Studies International Conference believe it is apt to specifically mobilize the daughters of chaos in direct response to our current point in time.

The three disciplines of philosophy, science, and art are said to enable the capture of what Deleuze and Guattari, in reference to the ancient Greek notion, call chaos. The daughters support the emergence of order out of a fundamental chaos; they are like guides who assist us to make sense of things and to act together to manifest new subjectivities, social relations and environment-worlds. This constant play between chaos and order constitutes a part of all becoming. At the same time, the installation of a “little order to protect us from chaos”, which is necessary for all creation, also risks succumbing to stagnant formations. Molar forms are established that prevent rather than encourage thought, that discourage rather than promote action, and that delimit rather than stimulate creation. As the subtitle of this conference suggests, this conference seeks to investigate ways in which discipline and practice function to both perform and challenge current political, philosophical, scientific, and artistic formations. Ultimately, we are concerned with what constitutes a life; how it comes to be biopolitically measured, how it is constrained and/or activated, and what forms are encouraged and valued at the expense of others.

In this light, we invite contributions focusing on the interplay between form and chaos and their philosophical, artistic, scientific, but also political implications in our contemporary climate. We are eager to see how different practices and disciplines approach this interplay both from the sense of disciplinary constraints and habitual practices and from the productive force of the three daughters of chaos “as forms of thought or creation.” We welcome individual proposals for papers, panel proposals, as well as alternative approaches to presentation formats, such as dialogues, discussions, performative pieces and participatory actions.

Abstracts should be 300-500 words.

Biographical statements and affiliations should be approximately 100 words.

Abstract and panel submissions should be made by: Friday 21 November 2014 to daughtersofchaos[AT]

REVISED DEADLINE: Friday 5 December 2014

Notification of acceptance of abstracts and panels: Between mid December 2014 and mid January 2015.

For more information see the ABOUT link.

NOTE: To attend the Deleuze Studies Camp component of the event we ask you submit a 500 word expression of interest with a biographical statement including institutional affiliation (or else your non-institutional status or affiliation) (100 words). We are looking specifically for participants who have a vested interest in the themes relevant to this event (see ABOUT). Please submit to: daughtersofchaos[at] Please submit as a word document and name the document as follows: SURNAME_FIRSTNAME_DSCAMP2015.doc DUE: 30 January 2015


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